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The company MATTEL ESPAÑA, SA (hereinafter “MATTEL”), with registered address at Calle Aribau, 200, Barcelona, holding CIF A-08842809 and owner of the brand BARBIE, calls the first edition of the school contest “Yo Puedo Ser” (the “Contest”), which shall be governed by the present legal rules (the “Rules”).

The Rules are complemented by the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, which must be fully accepted prior to participating in the Contest and, after accepted, they shall be understood as included in the Rules for due legal effects.


    The purpose of the Contest is to destroy gender stereotypes and promote equality at school.

    The objectives include:

    • Empower girls and boys to dare to dream to become whatever they want to be, equipping them with the tools and the knowledge to increase their self-esteem and potential and attain their goals.
    • Fight against gender stereotypes, placing special emphasis on the role of women throughout the course of history.

    The contest is addressed to primary education students (years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) at all schools in Spain.
    Registering for the contest will be handled by the teacher of each classroom that wants to participate, pursuant to the terms of clause 4.


    The Contest will start on 29 January 2018, the date on which the registration period opens.

    The period for registering and submitting projects will be from 29 January 2018 to 29 April 2018, both inclusive.

    The Contest will finish in June 2018, when the winners are announced.

    MATTEL reserves the right to extend the registration and participation period if its considers this necessary or convenient.

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  3. Acceptance of the rules:

    Participation in the Contest shall require express acceptance of the Rules published on the Contest website (

    MATTEL reserves the right to disqualify participants that do not comply with the rules, especially when any participation that infringes on these Rules.

    With the acceptance of these Rules, participants understand their terms and conditions and pledge to comply with current regulations that may be applicable, so that via the simple act of participating in the Contest, they are providing their consent to be subject to the Rules and legality totally and irrevocably.

    Any statement against them by the participant, regardless of what time it is done, shall entail the exclusion from participation in the Contest and MATTEL’S release from any commitment taken on with the participant in question.


    Participation in the Contest is totally free, and these requirements must be met:

    • Go to the Contest website (, fill out the registration form, accept the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy for the website, the Rules by ticking the boxes activated for this purpose and, finally, confirm registration.

      It is also possible to register by phone by ringing the free number 900-670-687, although the express acceptance of the aforesaid documents via the website shall continue to be obligatory.

    • After registration, each teacher shall receive a username and password for logging onto the Private Teacher Area.

    • Each teacher may register one or more classrooms, and each one shall submit their projects, where participation in the contest is limited to one project per classroom.

    • Via the Private Teacher Area, submit one project per classroom online (one project, one classroom) in accordance with the requirements detailed in clause 5, in category A or B, depending on the school year of the participating classroom within the registration and submission period set out in clause 2. As an exception, projects will be accepted from students in both categories, both at grouped rural schools, and in itinerant circus classrooms, as well as any other type with similar characteristics.

    • Registered classrooms will receive the poster WOMEN FROM HISTORY (great women from the past), which can be used as an example for creating the poster for participating.


    Each registered classroom must make a poster for participating WOMEN FOR HISTORY (great women today), which must depict four recognised women today, where at least one must be a Spanish woman, and there must be one woman from each field:

    • POLITICS (presidents, ministers, queens, politicians, philosophers…)
    • CULTURE (actresses, singers, painters, writers, journalists, composers, dancers…)
    • SPORT (swimmers, athletes, weightlifters, footballers, basketball players, coaches…)
    • SCIENCE (astronomers, inventers, mathematicians, physicists, astronauts…)

    The poster must detail the reasons why you selected each of the women, their importance and contribution to society, where being famous is not enough.

    Further, the students may use any technique to which they have access, from the most traditional, like collage (using glue and scissors) to any computer program that lets images be worked with (Photoshop, online publishers, etc.).

    If the classroom-group creates an illustration, traditional collage, the teacher must scan or photograph the project to then upload it online via the Private Teacher Area in .JPG format with a maximum weight of 2MB. The poster must be accompanied by a title no longer than 140 characters and a written description detailing the reasons for choosing the women you chose, enabled in the area for uploading projects in the teachers' private area.

    Mattel shall not be responsible for the contents of the projects submitted to the Contest in any case or for any reason. Responsibility shall be held solely and directly by the participants, leaving Mattel totally free from harm.

    The directors and teachers of all Spanish schools shall have teaching materials available on the contest website that may be used in class as support for creating the poster.


    The jury will be made up of at least six members: three representatives from Mattel and three people specialising in the fields of communications, gender equality and education, respectively.

    The jury shall pre-select the best projects and then will select the two winning projects, one from category A (Years 1, 2, 3 of primary school) and B (Years 4, 5, 6 of primary school).

    The jury will evaluate these aspects for all the projects submitted:

    • The impact, renown and contribution to current society of the women selected for each field.
    • Line of reasoning for why your students selected these four women.
    • Originality, creativity and quality of the artistic techniques employed in creating the poster (with consideration of the children’s ages).

    Any projects that are submitted that are not in the suitable formats as set out in these Rules due to incompatibility of the medium shall be declared null, and therefore removed from the Contest.

    After the winning project has been selected, it will be published on the Contest website in June 2018.


    Participation can be in one of these two categories:

    • Category A (Years 1, 2, 3 of primary school)
    • Category B ( Years 4, 5, 6 of primary school)

    Each classroom-group, just for registering will receive the poster “Women from History”

    The winning classrooms (students and teacher) shall each receive an experience consisting of one group activity, valued at 500 euros (VAT included). The prize cannot be swapped for cash.


    Property rights for the physical mediums for the projects shall be owned by MATTEL, which may request the submission of the original materials for any project submitted, and shall not have the obligation of returning said materials.

    With regard to intellectual property rights, participants assign them to MATTEL for a 50 year period, with no territorial or material limit, and with the possibility of assigning all or part of the property rights that are the object of the assignment, reproduction rights, publishing on paper or internet, posting, compilation, public communication and use of the projects created.

    MATTEL reserves the right to process, adapt, modify and correct the winning project with total freedom in order to adapt it to promotional and publicising needs of the Contest and its results.

    In accordance with that which is established in Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, participants are notified that the data they provide shall be added to a file whose sole purpose is managing participation in this Contest. The company responsible for the file is MATTEL, with registered address at Calle Aribau, 200, Barcelona. By writing to its headquarters at this address, participants can exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose, as legally assisted.

    The present Rules shall be interpreted and governed pursuant to Spanish legislation. For any litigious matter stemming from the existence, access, use or content of the Rules, the participant and MATTEL expressly waive any other jurisdiction that could be applicable to them, and agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.


    MATTEL reserves the right to make modifications or add appendixes to the present Rules with regard to the rules and prizes, provided that said changes are justified and do not damage participants, are done within the Contest validity period and that participants are duly notified.

    MATTEL shall not be held responsible if the Contest cannot be carried out with regard to any of the terms specified in these Rules if there is an act of God or force majeure, without any other obligation for MATTEL. In this case, MATTEL may decide to publish new Rules via the same medium as for the initial dissemination of the Contest, or to cancel it, with no responsibility for MATTEL in either case. MATTEL shall not be held responsible if the website does not work correctly.


    If any clause in the present Rules are declared totally or partially null and void, this nullity or lack of effectiveness shall affect only the clause or part therefore that has been declared null or not effective, where the rest of the Rules shall remain in force, considering the clause in question or part thereof as no longer part of the Rules, except if, due to being essential to the present Rules, it has to affect all of the Rules.