Ya tenemos ganadores

From among all the possible topics for a school programme, why this one?

This awareness raising programme was started with the aim of helping to convey values of respect, contributing to real and true equality between boys and girls, to help them to reflect on their own potentials, to believe in their possibilities so that they can achieve their goals and be whatever they want to be.

We firmly believe in the power of boys and girls as the agents of change in our society, acquiring the social and civic skills to relate and interact with others, critically interpret social and cultural media from the viewpoint of equality, and letting each girl and boy develop good self-images and self-confidence on their potentials by having independence and personal initiative.

In the programme ’Yo Puedo Ser...’ we provide you with materials for the classroom that you can use to work with your students:

The discovery and value of the role of women, both throughout history and in the present day.
Empowering children, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to raise their self-confidence and potential so they can achieve their goals and dreams.
The fight against gender stereotypes in the workplace.
Genero-estereotipoen aurkako borroka, lan-esparruan.

Only 7.5% of the examples in textbooks are women

If we do not study them, it would be as if they never existed. That is why it is so important to put the spotlight on the enormous contributions that women have made throughout history and recover these essential leaders and models in civilisation.

What does the law say?

On its part, the LOMCE (Spanish Organic Law on Improving Educational Quality) carries on this commitment in its objectives and by means of the Core Competences and insertion in the curriculum in several subjects.

Moreover, the Congress Equality Commission recently approved an initiative to increase the presence of women in textbooks and thus recognise their necessary role in history, and they are talking now of an upcoming compulsory subject on equality.